Our engraving services can be used on the following material(s): Aluminum, Bronze, Plastics, Stainless Steel, or Wood

Mold & Signage Engraving

Mold Engraving

For your convenience, we employ English and German-speaking staff. Would you like to see examples of our professionally detailed work? Head over to our gallery to see some examples of engravings we have completed.

Signage Engraving

Panto-Gravers Inc has the experience and skill to take on difficult signage projects – large or small – that others can’t or won’t attempt. We can use most computer file formats in our cad program or we can draw it for you using whatever you can provide. In the past we have used business cards, napkins and even a matchbook cover to duplicate logos when artwork or files were not available. This ability to work from a hand drawn sketch has helped numerous customers in the past and we would like to help you also.

Steel-Stamps and Embossing Dies

Panto-Gravers Inc produces 100’s of custom logo steel stamps and steel embossing dies every year. Ship us your blanks or let us produce one according to your needs and we can fabricate the stamp to the desired design. Heat-treated steel is no problem and if you have a worn out stamp that needs to be remade we can usually duplicate it on the existing blank. We can use most formats in our CAD program or draw it for you using whatever you can provide.

We can also provide:

  • Architectural Steel Engravings
  • 3-D Machining of Prototypes
  • Engraving for Blow Molds
  • Engraving for Die Cast Steel Molds
  • Engraving Steel Medallions
  • Embossing Die Engraving
  • Memorial Engraving
  • Metal Signage
  • Plastic Injection Mold Engraving
  • Rotation Mold Engraving
  • Vacuum Form Mold Engraving

At Panto-Gravers we are one of the most versitle engraving companies in the Midwest. Specialists in Stainless Steel engraving, Steel Stamp Engraving, and Architectural Memorial Engraving.